The Right to Privacy In the Constitution The Forgotten Ninth Amendment

In theory, the Constitution is valid from beginning to end. But in reality, we all know some parts of it are, to borrow Orwell’s famous phrase, more equal than others. Sometimes this is because certain provisions are so intricately tied … Continue reading

Do Latinos Have a Republican Problem? The GOP’s Struggle to Reach Out Might Bring Bigger Problems

There were a few developments that were supposed to be a sure thing after last November’s Presidential contest – mostly, gridlock as well as the implementation of Obamacare – but perhaps none as certain as immigration reform. The GOP primary … Continue reading

Notes from Across the Ocean The 5 Things I Learned about America by Living Abroad

There’s an old story about a man who travels far and wide in search of a treasure, only to discover that what he was looking for was back home the whole time. It’s a cute little story and it’s not … Continue reading

Holding Back the State At the Intersection of National Security and the Leviathan

Last Friday’s unscheduled post touched on some of the issues brought up by the recent revelations about the government’s enhanced surveillance programs. The news that the government has, for years, been collecting information on all of our email, phone calls, … Continue reading

QUICK RESPONSE: PRISM, Verizon, and other Expanded Surveillance This Isn’t a Scandal, It’s a Test

The facts are still slowly trickling out on a couple of government surveillance programs. On Wednesday, news broke that the US government had secretly collected information on every phone call made on Verizon’s phone network from April 25 to July … Continue reading

The Oregon Health Study And the Limits of the Lone Study

Have you heard about the Oregon Health Study yet? Believe me, you will. The Oregon Health Study is that rare creature in American policy discourse: a statistically complex argument that boils down to an easily understandable conclusion. Such unicorns are … Continue reading