8 Conspiracies People Actually Believe And Why You Should Care

Here are eight conspiracies you probably forgot people actually believe – by demonstrating what exists towards the edge of believability, they reveal quite a bit about how people see the world around them and their place in it. Continue reading

Getting Past the Noise How Not to Have a Public Debate, pt. 1

Lately, it seems that Americans can’t talk to each other without deteriorating into name calling, where ‘lately’ is an undefined period of time anywhere from 4 to 226 years. Witness the fiasco of the sequester everyone assured us would never … Continue reading

Carrots and Sticks Making Sense of the Past Week in Syria

The developments surrounding Syria and chemical weapons over the past week demonstrate two things. First, the use of force and the pursuit of diplomatic solutions are not mutually exclusive. The term ‘coercive diplomacy’ has real meaning. And second, the United … Continue reading