The End of the World What the Walking Dead Can Tell Us about the National Mood

Americans seem to be gearing up for the end of the world. With everything going, thinking about the end of civilization might just be feel like good planning. But the odd thing is that not too long ago, we liked to tell stories about avoiding the apocalypse. Not anymore. What gives? Continue reading

What Six Years in Private School Taught Me About Education

In 1997, I was a student in the Boston Public Schools. Thanks to the folks over at The Steppingstone Foundation, the next year I enrolled at the Noble and Greenough School. Nobles is the sort of school that charges tuition … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Lights What Bad Football Officiating can Teach Us about Politics

Something horrible happened on Sunday in the world of football. Here’s the story of how one awful call by a sports official stole a win from my beloved Patriots and led me to a late realization about American politics. Continue reading

Feel Good Friday – Your Reward For Making It Through The Week

Let’s face it: it’s been a heck of a few weeks. I don’t want to use a loaded term, but right around now we all might be entitled to a little something to smile about. Yesterday, as I was decompressing from 24hrs of almost deals, playoff baseball, Ted Cruz media appearances, and Washington finally doing the inevitable, I came across this little gem. Continue reading

Against the Grain: What are we waiting for? Washington shows the country why it’s time for a third party

Good news: you no longer have to read Waiting for Godot – Samuel Becket’s drama about characters who drift through life without purpose, waiting for a resolution that never comes. As Peter Coy has pointed out, we’ve all been living inside Washington’s theatre of the absurd for a little while now. Continue reading

SCIENCE CORNER: Let’s Talk About Climate Change

The truth is that the scientific question of whether or not an increase in greenhouse gasses lead to warming relative to baseline temperatures is different than the forecasting question of how much warming will obtain over the next 50 or 100 years. What sets the conversation about climate change apart isn’t the uncertainty; rather it’s the rock solid conviction with which so many Americans approach it. Let’s take a look at why and where it all comes off the rails. Continue reading

SPOTLIGHT: Why Marriage is Not Enough

It doesn’t take an advanced degree in social science to see that public opinion on gay marriage has changed quickly. But the celebratory tone surrounding strides towards equal marriage rights, as well as repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military, has served to obscure some troubling facts. It’s time for a reality check. Continue reading

John Boehner is in Charge of The Country What Will the Speaker of the House Do?

No one in Washington has covered themselves in glory over this government shutdown. But there is one man who has emerged with all the influence he could have asked for, and it’s the same man who most of the Washington establishment reserves so much of their professional scorn for. I’m talking, of course, about the little-loved Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Continue reading

Everyone is to Blame, But Some Are More to Blame Than Others With Few Adults in the Room, Gov't Shuts Down

Happy government shutdown! After years of flirting with the idea, folks in Washington have finally gotten their act together and failed to pass spending authority for the federal government. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill failure of leadership, this is really exceptional stuff.
Continue reading