In the Midst of Challenges, a Dysfunctional Washington has Americans Looking to 2016

The theatre of the absurd in Washington has fed into a dispiriting trend: the apparently unstoppable forward creep of the election cycle. As Congress stalls and the President loses credibility, more Americans are looking to the next election. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the three-year Presidential campaign. Continue reading

The Deep State What the President Doesn’t Know

In the world of politics, many of us are used to thinking about governing as the sort of thing that is done by elected officials; in reality, much of public policy is crafted by non-partisan career bureaucrats like the good folks who staff most of the State Department or, for that matter, the FBI or the EPA. If you’re conspiracy-minded, you don’t have a difficult time imagining secret cabals plotting against your interests. How should Americans assess the dangers? Continue reading

Obamacare – Who’s Winning and Who’s Losing?

For the next few hundred words, let’s set aside all the substantive questions about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known affectionately (and otherwise) as Obamacare. Is it good or bad policy? Is it a socialist takeover of medicine, or is it a warmed-over Republican plan from the ’90s? Does the individual mandate mean that one day you’ll be forced to – banish the thought! – eat your broccoli? Instead, let’s take a look at who the political winners and losers are. Continue reading

On the Impossibility of Women’s Issues

There are two kinds of people who care about the equality of women: those who understand that feminism has a branding problem, and those who do not. But I think there’s a more fundamental problem with modern feminism and it’s this: feminism starts from the premise that there is such a thing as ‘women’s issues’. I’d like to humbly submit that there is not. Continue reading

SPOTLIGHT: When the News Cycle Forgets What Ever Happened to GITMO?

What happens when the news cycle just forgets about a story? If you want an example of how a story can just fall out of the conversation, then there’s perhaps no better example than the American prison at Guantanamo Bay. From lightning rod to barely a footnote, Americans have moved on. Continue reading

Inside the Fishbowl Living Inside a National Story

The Boston Red Sox have won the World Series. Again. And they did at Fenway Park – as close to a town square as you’ll find anywhere. But every time a reporter asked the same question – “What does this championship mean to this city after what happened in April?” – I cringed. Continue reading