Spotlight: On North Korea, A Call to Action

The Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, the Khmer Rouge, the Rwandan genocide – in each of these cases the world stood by and did nothing while hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, died in horrible and unnecessary ways. In … Continue reading

SPOTLIGHT: James Taranto Will Tell You When You’ve Been Raped

Here’s what I wanted to write about today: I wanted to write about how one of the unseen consequences of all the bickering in Congress is the continued expansion of the President’s ability to wage war on his own prerogative. … Continue reading

Why the Special Relationship with Israel Should Make Americans Uncomfortable

It’s easy to see Israel as America’s cultural or political facsimile in the Levant. With the same values and the same interests, we’re told that there should be no space between the United States and Israel. And we shouldn’t be surprised if Israelis encourage that misunderstanding. Here’s why you should be more skeptical. Continue reading

After More than a Century, Puerto Rico is Still a Colony – Should Americans Care?

More than a century after the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico is still a colony of the United States. That’s 3.6 million Americans who can be drafted to fight in a war declared by a foreign legislature, and who can’t vote for the people who govern them. Care to venture what the Founders would have made of it? Continue reading