The CIA Spying on Congress is Big News, Right?

On Tuesday, Sen. Feinstein accused the CIA of spying on Congress and of interfering with a congressional investigation. The details would make for a taut political thriller. But that’s not the news, not really. The news is that Congress has lost the ability to oversee this country’s clandestine operations. Continue reading

The Lie of Discretionary Spending

Democrats find it hard to accept that fiscal discipline will require reigning in spending on Social Security, Medicare and the like, while Republicans don’t want to admit that most of what government does – Social Security, Medicare, and the like – are things that most Americans are really quite fond of. Continue reading

In Crimea, America Faces a Foreign Policy Puzzle

What’s happening in Ukraine is an example of the new sort of challenge: the rise of regional powers that cannot challenge the US globally, but that can do much to thwart American regional interests. The real threat to isn’t that we’ll be unable to prevent every setback; it’s that we won’t recognize the need to clearly and publicly distinguish between those actions that will invite a full-throttled American response and those that won’t. That could lead to dangerous miscalculations. Continue reading