Despite Solid Reviews, Democratic Debate Exposes Weak Points

With 15.3 million viewers, Tuesday’s CNN/Facebook Democratic debate had the highest rating of any Democratic primary debate in US history. That means that about one in twenty Americans watched the five candidates vie for the opportunity to lead the party’s … Continue reading

The American Debate on Guns Continues to Ignore the Facts

The latest high-profile American mass shooting has reignited the debate on gun control – and the frustration among gun control advocates is palpable. But despite the efforts of the statistically minded, the conversation around guns continues to obsess over the least relevant form of gun violence. Continue reading

The Lie of Discretionary Spending

Democrats find it hard to accept that fiscal discipline will require reigning in spending on Social Security, Medicare and the like, while Republicans don’t want to admit that most of what government does – Social Security, Medicare, and the like – are things that most Americans are really quite fond of. Continue reading

SPOTLIGHT: James Taranto Will Tell You When You’ve Been Raped

Here’s what I wanted to write about today: I wanted to write about how one of the unseen consequences of all the bickering in Congress is the continued expansion of the President’s ability to wage war on his own prerogative. … Continue reading

What You Can Learn from Watching the State of the Union with the Sound Turned Off

Tonight is the night that the President goes before Congress and delivers his State of the Union address. Political scientists and political junkies alike will be sure to huddle around their screens, and out will come the red pens to parse the President’s words. But I wonder if some insightful anthropologists couldn’t be more helpful, and the words the President speaks might be the least important part of it. Continue reading