Special Feature: The Truth (and Doubts) about Gun Control

The issue of guns in America is mired in misinformation. Do guns make society safer or more dangerous? What’s the relationship between gun ownership and violent crime? These are questions that produce a lot of noise and recrimination, but not a lot of insight. This report tries to cut through that noise and shed light on what we know – as well as what we don’t know. Continue reading

Inside the Fishbowl Living Inside a National Story

The Boston Red Sox have won the World Series. Again. And they did at Fenway Park – as close to a town square as you’ll find anywhere. But every time a reporter asked the same question – “What does this championship mean to this city after what happened in April?” – I cringed. Continue reading

What Six Years in Private School Taught Me About Education

In 1997, I was a student in the Boston Public Schools. Thanks to the folks over at The Steppingstone Foundation, the next year I enrolled at the Noble and Greenough School. Nobles is the sort of school that charges tuition … Continue reading

8 Conspiracies People Actually Believe And Why You Should Care

Here are eight conspiracies you probably forgot people actually believe – by demonstrating what exists towards the edge of believability, they reveal quite a bit about how people see the world around them and their place in it. Continue reading

The Right to Privacy In the Constitution The Forgotten Ninth Amendment

In theory, the Constitution is valid from beginning to end. But in reality, we all know some parts of it are, to borrow Orwell’s famous phrase, more equal than others. Sometimes this is because certain provisions are so intricately tied … Continue reading

Notes from Across the Ocean The 5 Things I Learned about America by Living Abroad

There’s an old story about a man who travels far and wide in search of a treasure, only to discover that what he was looking for was back home the whole time. It’s a cute little story and it’s not … Continue reading