Science Corner highlights science and technology issues that either influence public policy or are simply unbelievably cool.

SCIENCE CORNER: Ten Awesome Things Everyone Should Know

All the way back in the early 1800s, before the discovery of anesthesia, English poet John Keats famously accused science of clipping angels’ wings and unweaving the rainbow. Science, it seemed, was busy taking us farther and farther away from the sense of awe humans feel in the presence of a profound mystery. I’m afraid I’ll have to differ with the late Keats. Here are a couple of things science has unravelled for us – read them and let the awe waft over you. Continue reading

SCIENCE CORNER: Let’s Talk About Climate Change

The truth is that the scientific question of whether or not an increase in greenhouse gasses lead to warming relative to baseline temperatures is different than the forecasting question of how much warming will obtain over the next 50 or 100 years. What sets the conversation about climate change apart isn’t the uncertainty; rather it’s the rock solid conviction with which so many Americans approach it. Let’s take a look at why and where it all comes off the rails. Continue reading

Science Corner: Study Finds that the Smarter You Are, the More Biased You’ll Be

A new study out of the Cultural Cognition Project aims to really depress your expectation of people’s ability to overcome bias and self-correct. Continue reading