On Tuesday, Washington Reminded Us Why it’s So Unlikable

Tuesday night was filled with frills and thrills for the political junkie: a State of the Union response, THREE Republican rebuttals, one Congressman threatening a reporter’s life, and the usual hapless back and forth between the parties. Say what you will of the speech and its trappings, the whole night in Washington is enough to break the spirit of an optimist. Continue reading

What You Can Learn from Watching the State of the Union with the Sound Turned Off

Tonight is the night that the President goes before Congress and delivers his State of the Union address. Political scientists and political junkies alike will be sure to huddle around their screens, and out will come the red pens to parse the President’s words. But I wonder if some insightful anthropologists couldn’t be more helpful, and the words the President speaks might be the least important part of it. Continue reading

In the Midst of Challenges, a Dysfunctional Washington has Americans Looking to 2016

The theatre of the absurd in Washington has fed into a dispiriting trend: the apparently unstoppable forward creep of the election cycle. As Congress stalls and the President loses credibility, more Americans are looking to the next election. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the three-year Presidential campaign. Continue reading