Looking for Hope in the Age of Trump

It has come to this: supposedly serious people have tried to find solace in the naked absurdity of what Mr. Trump is saying, reasoning that at the very least he couldn’t possibly sincerely mean it. Thus, in a contest for the most powerful office in the world, the thought that what the winner might do is a total mystery has become the optimistic telling. Continue reading

Death of an Autopsy – What Donald Trump Is Doing to the GOP

Donald Trump won’t win the GOP nomination, but he has already left his mark. Every day he spends in the race makes it harder for serious candidates to make their arguments – and the more his antics are greeted with the approval of the recalcitrant Republican base, the shyer the moderates will get. Continue reading

Making Sense of Bernie and Trump, and their Poll Numbers

Bernie Sanders is a serious man with serious ideas; Donald Trump is not. Yet the two men are shaking up the early Presidential race with surprisingly strong poll numbers. What gives? A tale of media bias, true believers, and inscrutable hair. Continue reading