What We’ve Learned from the Election So Far

When the unexpected arrives, observers are usually left scrambling to make sense of what’s happening. Often, we end up both over- and under-reacting. At times like this, the old political wisdom becomes irrelevant, and the new political wisdom tends to be little more than glorified soothsaying. The landscape is ripe for myth-making, so let’s take a moment and clear some things up. Continue reading

Briefing the UK’s Election – and Why it Matters to Americans

The 2016 election, it would seem, has been going on for years. In contrast, the British just managed to pull theirs off in a few short months. In a surprise, the Conservatives won a decisive victory – and there are good reasons for Americans to pay attention. Continue reading

In Next Week’s Election, Small Hope of Fixing Washington

Next week, the country will go to the polls to decide who will have pride of place among Washington’s well-practiced disfunction. More likely than not, the Republicans will keep the House of Representatives and win the Senate. Then what? The … Continue reading