Trump Gives the Voters What They Want, GOP Should Be Worried

Donald Trump is running (and winning) on a platform that bypasses GOP establishment orthodoxy. Establishment Republicans are trying to argue that that places Mr. Trump in conflict with the party’s beliefs, but they’re exactly wrong: Donald Trump isn’t less of what the Republican party has been over the last several decades, he is more of it. Continue reading

N.H. Embraces Extremes, Throws Kasich a Lifeline

This week in New Hampshire, a cocktail of fear mongering and fantasy peddling propelled Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to victories. But New Hampshire also struck a counter-note: John Kasich won a strong second place in the Republican primary. Continue reading

Big Government, Small Government, and the Military

Republicans can all agree that centralized planning and government ruins innovation, destroys accountability, breeds corruption, engenders absurdity, and lowers performance. Except, of course, when they’re talking about the military. Continue reading

Making Sense of Bernie and Trump, and their Poll Numbers

Bernie Sanders is a serious man with serious ideas; Donald Trump is not. Yet the two men are shaking up the early Presidential race with surprisingly strong poll numbers. What gives? A tale of media bias, true believers, and inscrutable hair. Continue reading

Time for Rand Paul’s Political Obituary

Rand Paul just declared has candidacy for President, and is possibly the most intriguing of this year’s candidate stable. Equipped with a potent activist base and ideas that resonate with a diversity of voters, it might seem premature to declare the end of his presidential candidacy, but The Fog of Policy thinks it helps to call a spade a spade: Rand Paul will never be President. Continue reading

The GOP fascinates me, but will I ever get to vote for it?

I think it’s time that I admit the obvious: I have an obsession with the GOP. And I don’t mean that in the general sense that I have an obsession with politics – I mean it in the sense that I find the GOP absolutely fascinating. Will I ever get to vote for it? Continue reading

The GOP Tells Youngsters They Don’t Need Health Insurance

The most interesting thing in American politics right now isn’t the beltway fight that’s been receiving most of the attention; rather it’s the less visible fight going on in the states. The self-styled party of personal responsibility and the free market is telling people not to purchase healthcare from private providers. Why? Continue reading

Against the Grain: What are we waiting for? Washington shows the country why it’s time for a third party

Good news: you no longer have to read Waiting for Godot – Samuel Becket’s drama about characters who drift through life without purpose, waiting for a resolution that never comes. As Peter Coy has pointed out, we’ve all been living inside Washington’s theatre of the absurd for a little while now. Continue reading

Everyone is to Blame, But Some Are More to Blame Than Others With Few Adults in the Room, Gov't Shuts Down

Happy government shutdown! After years of flirting with the idea, folks in Washington have finally gotten their act together and failed to pass spending authority for the federal government. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill failure of leadership, this is really exceptional stuff.
Continue reading

Unreformed What the Filibuster Can Tell Us about the Democratic Party

Want to know the difference between the Democratic Party and the GOP? Just look at the history of filibuster reform. In common parlance, the party with the majority of the seats in either chamber of Congress is said to control … Continue reading