How do I get 2016 moved back to 2016?

Here’s a question: who can I talk to about delaying the 2016 election? Or maybe we should just move it up to this November – anything to avoid the four-year election cycle that seemingly began the day after the last Election Day. And it isn’t just that the next election is already distorting what we’re talking about; it’s also destroying any chance of a meaningful conversation. Continue reading

The GOP Tells Youngsters They Don’t Need Health Insurance

The most interesting thing in American politics right now isn’t the beltway fight that’s been receiving most of the attention; rather it’s the less visible fight going on in the states. The self-styled party of personal responsibility and the free market is telling people not to purchase healthcare from private providers. Why? Continue reading

In the Midst of Challenges, a Dysfunctional Washington has Americans Looking to 2016

The theatre of the absurd in Washington has fed into a dispiriting trend: the apparently unstoppable forward creep of the election cycle. As Congress stalls and the President loses credibility, more Americans are looking to the next election. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the three-year Presidential campaign. Continue reading

Obamacare – Who’s Winning and Who’s Losing?

For the next few hundred words, let’s set aside all the substantive questions about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known affectionately (and otherwise) as Obamacare. Is it good or bad policy? Is it a socialist takeover of medicine, or is it a warmed-over Republican plan from the ’90s? Does the individual mandate mean that one day you’ll be forced to – banish the thought! – eat your broccoli? Instead, let’s take a look at who the political winners and losers are. Continue reading

Sunday Morning Lights What Bad Football Officiating can Teach Us about Politics

Something horrible happened on Sunday in the world of football. Here’s the story of how one awful call by a sports official stole a win from my beloved Patriots and led me to a late realization about American politics. Continue reading

Against the Grain: What are we waiting for? Washington shows the country why it’s time for a third party

Good news: you no longer have to read Waiting for Godot – Samuel Becket’s drama about characters who drift through life without purpose, waiting for a resolution that never comes. As Peter Coy has pointed out, we’ve all been living inside Washington’s theatre of the absurd for a little while now. Continue reading

John Boehner is in Charge of The Country What Will the Speaker of the House Do?

No one in Washington has covered themselves in glory over this government shutdown. But there is one man who has emerged with all the influence he could have asked for, and it’s the same man who most of the Washington establishment reserves so much of their professional scorn for. I’m talking, of course, about the little-loved Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Continue reading