Special Feature: The Truth (and Doubts) about Gun Control

The issue of guns in America is mired in misinformation. Do guns make society safer or more dangerous? What’s the relationship between gun ownership and violent crime? These are questions that produce a lot of noise and recrimination, but not a lot of insight. This report tries to cut through that noise and shed light on what we know – as well as what we don’t know. Continue reading

4 (Depressing) Ways in Which the Gun Debate is Like the Rest of Politics

Next week marks the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. After those tragic events, the NRA’s most memorable contribution was to suggest armed guards be placed in schools to deter future shooters. No other moment has so brilliantly captured what makes the gun debate so spectacularly instructive. The gun debate is just like all the other debates in our politics, only more so. Here’s why. Continue reading