I Still Believe in Transformative Politics

President Obama promised the country transformative change. After five years in office, some things have changed but much has remained the same. Should those Americans who believe in transformative politics feel disillusioned? Continue reading

Everyone is to Blame, But Some Are More to Blame Than Others With Few Adults in the Room, Gov't Shuts Down

Happy government shutdown! After years of flirting with the idea, folks in Washington have finally gotten their act together and failed to pass spending authority for the federal government. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill failure of leadership, this is really exceptional stuff.
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8 Conspiracies People Actually Believe And Why You Should Care

Here are eight conspiracies you probably forgot people actually believe – by demonstrating what exists towards the edge of believability, they reveal quite a bit about how people see the world around them and their place in it. Continue reading

Science Corner: Study Finds that the Smarter You Are, the More Biased You’ll Be

A new study out of the Cultural Cognition Project aims to really depress your expectation of people’s ability to overcome bias and self-correct. Continue reading

Building Democracy Egypt, the Arab Spring, and What the West Forgot

The events in Egypt over the past weeks have been tragic, but they shouldn’t be surprising. What’s happening in Egypt today isn’t so different than what happened in Iraq a decade ago. Iraq exposed as fantasy the neo-conservative notion that you could export liberal democracy by exporting the formal institutions of the democratic state; Egypt is merely reaffirming that lesson. Continue reading

Sen. Chambliss on Meet the Press Don’t Worry, Stay Quiet.

I really don’t mean to pick on Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA). The last time I took his comments on Meet the Press as a point of departure for a post, I was bewildered at his seeming lack of historical memory. … Continue reading

Unreformed What the Filibuster Can Tell Us about the Democratic Party

Want to know the difference between the Democratic Party and the GOP? Just look at the history of filibuster reform. In common parlance, the party with the majority of the seats in either chamber of Congress is said to control … Continue reading

Those Idiots in Washington The Problem With Disparaging Politicians

Few things seem capable of unifying Americans quite like their collective disdain for politicians. It’s not difficult to see why. For one, disparaging political big-whigs resonates with that healthy inclination to cut people in power down to size. (Not to … Continue reading

The Right to Privacy In the Constitution The Forgotten Ninth Amendment

In theory, the Constitution is valid from beginning to end. But in reality, we all know some parts of it are, to borrow Orwell’s famous phrase, more equal than others. Sometimes this is because certain provisions are so intricately tied … Continue reading