What happened to the liberals?

In political life, there is no shortage of natural battle lines. Once a society sets up a welfare state, for example, it’s no surprise that some people think it should be bigger and others think it should be smaller. Similarly, … Continue reading

After More than a Century, Puerto Rico is Still a Colony – Should Americans Care?

More than a century after the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico is still a colony of the United States. That’s 3.6 million Americans who can be drafted to fight in a war declared by a foreign legislature, and who can’t vote for the people who govern them. Care to venture what the Founders would have made of it? Continue reading

The GOP fascinates me, but will I ever get to vote for it?

I think it’s time that I admit the obvious: I have an obsession with the GOP. And I don’t mean that in the general sense that I have an obsession with politics – I mean it in the sense that I find the GOP absolutely fascinating. Will I ever get to vote for it? Continue reading