Why the Special Relationship with Israel Should Make Americans Uncomfortable

It’s easy to see Israel as America’s cultural or political facsimile in the Levant. With the same values and the same interests, we’re told that there should be no space between the United States and Israel. And we shouldn’t be surprised if Israelis encourage that misunderstanding. Here’s why you should be more skeptical. Continue reading

Carrots and Sticks Making Sense of the Past Week in Syria

The developments surrounding Syria and chemical weapons over the past week demonstrate two things. First, the use of force and the pursuit of diplomatic solutions are not mutually exclusive. The term ‘coercive diplomacy’ has real meaning. And second, the United … Continue reading

In Syria, Time for the United States to Act

Back at the end of May, when I last wrote about the mess in Syria, our options were bad and getting worse. Things have hardly improved since then. Even so, if Assad has used chemical weapons, then that fact should … Continue reading