The Fog of Policy Goes Back to School


I usually take a summer recess in July or August, coinciding with the yearly lull in the political calendar. This being an election year, though, I was fully anticipating to stay on throughout the year.

Alas, it was not to be. Starting this summer and continuing through the next two years, I will be joining the Teach for America corps. I fully intend to continue writing here (and will maybe share a little bit about my TFA experience), but the tight schedule over the next few months makes writing during the summer impractical. So, this year, summer recess comes early and will last longer. (Though, truth be told, I’m sure something will bring me back to the keyboard over the next few months.) Expect a return to regular programming in late August or early September.

Unfortunately, this change in plans is going to leave a few projects unfinished. The first is a piece I’ve been working on – for too long – on the relationship between radical fundamentalism, political violence, and Islam. Also left on the cutting room floor will be Part II of what was going to be a look at the mechanics of our electoral system. (You can find Part I here.)

Instead as a summer sendoff I’ll leave you with last week’s post, a brief appraisal of the current morass that is the American election.

You can find that here.

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